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Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's a new day

Well! Have any of you been watching the Democratic National Convention? I have been and wonder how you feel about it. I have been for Hillary since I saw her and listened to her in Scranton High School. She is a very good and effective speaker. The speech she gave at the convention was inspiring and to hear the one delegate afterward saying that it was a Presidential Speech, I was taken back. She was totally right. That speech was fantastic. It could have been her acceptance speech with just the slightest bit of tweaking.

Does anyone agree that if Florida and Michigan had been included in the early counting, Hillary would have been the person giving the speech tonight and not Barack? I really feel that this year's election process was a setup. The democratic machine didn't want Hillary even though many of them played around like they did. They wanted Barack and they did everything to make it impossible for her. But she held her ground until it was not possible anymore.

I think we have a great uphill climb for us to take out the Republicans this year. Joe Biden will help the ticket, but, I really think we still have a lot to do. And Barack's wife can't really hide her feelings. She wouldn't be a good gambler. You could read it in her face that she wasn't happy that Hillary's speech was received so greatly. It was received much better than Joe Biden's and even President Clinton's. That's because it was so much better written and delivered than either of the other two.

Now to get to Barack. I think that the way they are just talking about him as his personality is totally wrong. He has ideas about the way the country should be run. He has ideas about how to help the world. His ideals are what this election should be about, not his personality and how much people like or dislike him.

I think the democratic party is the right way to go this time. I am a Democrat, but am also a person who feels that if I see a person who is better for the job, I will vote for him/her. The person can be green, blue, man, woman, democratic, republican, independent, tall, short, fat, skinny. You get the picture. No matter what the person looks like or believes, if it is what I believe is best for the country, that person will get my vote.

McCain doesn't even come close to my beliefs. Obama/Biden/Clinton do. So if any one of these three people had eventually won the nomination, I would have voted for them. I'm not sure if I trust Obama as much as I trust Hillary, but, his platform is as close to what I believe as Hillary's is. So, he will get my vote come election day and I will do anything that I can to help, even though I can't leave the house very much with my responsibilities to my mom.

So, now you must be the one to make the same decision. I hope you can do it, but whatever you do, make sure that you do vote. Don't give up and not vote just because it isn't Hillary that is on the ticket. We all have a responsibility to ourselves, our families and our friends to make our beliefs and values known whatever they are. We definitely have to take back our country and get it back on track. Please Get out and vote.

Friday, August 22, 2008

A long time coming

It has been a very long time since I have written, so, this will be just something to update what I have been up to. In the past couple years, I have gone from being an assistant manager at a retail store to the manager of the same store and am now unemployed. I am looking, but will not go back into retail. After 20+ years in that field, I'm done. So, for the time being, I am a full time caregiver for my mom who is 85 years old and is in very failing health. This is the way it needs to be and I am sure that this is not going to change in the very near future. If something great comes around, yes, I will take it and mom will again have people coming in to stay with her. But, I will not take just any job. It will have to be what I'm looking for before I will take it. I have also begun to write the book that I have been thinking about for many years. I am having a problem getting the research tools I need and am having to invest more money than I had hoped, but, I will get it back in the long run, I'm sure. If it works out, I'm going to contact the local newspaper as well and see if I can do a column for q&a for the craft I'm writing about. They've already seen my writing skills with at least one editorial that I've had published. Wish me luck with this endeavor. I'm hoping to have the book finished by Christmas and ready for publication.