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Monday, May 22, 2006

Inventory Shminventory!!!!

I am a retail manager for a well-known company called Rite Aid. Once a year, each store has to undertake an inventory of all of the merchandise that is inside their building. This can be one of two things, very easy or very difficult. In my case, our store is going to be difficult for two reasons. One is our Pharmacist, who feels that her only responsibility is to take care of her butt by placing it on a stool in the Pharmacy and looking at bottles of pills that have been counted and packaged by RX techs. The other is at least one person who does nothing in the store other than what she is directly told to do. This makes it a bit cumbersome to ensure that all is readied for the task of counting.

There is a group of people from a company who comes in to actually complete the task of counting the items, but your store must be prepared in order for it to be a successful inventory. Well, As you might imagine, if all are not willing or capable of helping to ready your store, you may end with a very stressful few weeks before the day of reckoning.

I do feel that we have pulled together better than I had originally thought would be possible. We have all but a few items finished and with that being said, I'm sure we'll come up with little picky things that we missed. For instance, today I spent most of the day scanning items where labels used to be but are no more. This makes for stress for the inventory techs. I printed out 13 pages of labels (36 to a sheet). But I know that there are probably some that I missed. When you are looking at labels all day, you tend to not see any more. Or if you are seeing, it's double that your eyes are envisioning.

But this inventory helps give me a bonus at the end, so say a prayer that it goes as planned.


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