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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wrong information on cards?

I was just informed that I don't live where I live, I don't spell my name the correct way, and I can't read.

I have been trying to sign up for a Visa Extras Program for the past few weeks. Well, last night I tried again and was told the same thing. The information provided by my card issuer is not matching what I placed in there. So I called my card issuer (bank) and asked just what information they had for me. It all seemed to check out as what I was entering, so the young lady who was helping me said she was going to be referring this to her supervisor who would contact me today. This morning I was awakened by the telephone ringing. It was her supervisor, who again proceeded to check out the information that each of us had and stated it was correct. So she gave me the 800 number of Visa Extras and said that they would be able to sign me up over the telephone.

I called the number and was immediately told that the information didn't match (only a computer generated message) and when I tried to speak with a "real" person, they don't open til later in the day. I really don't know how this is going to be rectified, but, I will be very upset if someone has put information in the computer that is incorrect. Or.....could it be that someone else is using the card that I lost? Supposedly, it can't happen.....


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